Airfreight is a fast moving and dynamic service area that commands a thorough understanding of the industry, it participants, security, and the regulatory environment.

The airfreight industry is a varied and complex field. These numerous possibilities require that a client engage with an informed partner to identify the correct airfreight mix to meet the client’s specific needs.

The subcategories for Airfreight include:

International Airfreight: This service option provides clients with a variety of option including Economy, Standard, and Expedited service levels to identify the most appropriate mix balancing transit time and costs.

National Airfreight: When Road Transport no longer suffices, our National Airfreight product group bridges the gap and provides the additional expediency to meet your deadlines.

AOG (Aircraft on Ground) Service: This 24-hour, 7-day a week service provides continuous connectivity to airfreight solutions for the most urgent of situations. The service originally constructed to delivery parts to grounded aircraft, has now expanded to include many other product groups which have similar sensitivity to supply chain disruptions.

Dangerous Goods Handling: For shipments that are hazardous, it is perhaps most important that the client partner with a provider that has a thorough understanding of IATA Hazardous Materials Regulations and the regulatory environment. This knowledge base prevents delays in the transportation process and avoids potential fines and penalties that can arise from insufficient Hazardous Material protocols.

Sea and Air Service: There are strategic trade lanes and industries that require a more balanced mix in their service options. One example of this is our Sea + Air service which combines these two modes of transport to provide the most efficient balance between cost and transit time for our clients.

TWL offers flexible international air cargo shipping solutions for import and export commodities.

Through a proprietary international partnership network, TWL offers air freight service door-to-door to most locations around the world. We pride ourselves on our ability to help everyone — from first-time shippers to our established importers and exporters.

Direct Service
Our Direct Service enables you to expedite your priority cargo from the U.S., to destinations around the globe.

  • Priority air service to IATA destinations direct from origin
  • Direct flights whenever available
  • Premium Carriers with established time -definite services
  • Back-to-Back Service assuring timely customs clearance
  • Transit Time: 1-2 business days

Consolidation Service
This standard air service strikes a balance between cost and service.

  • Transportation to an TWL gateway city overnight
  • Scheduled consolidation service
  • Premium carriers with dedicated space
  • Fast and efficient service