Trans World Logitec is a NVOCC company that strive to serve the best and achieve the business goals for our clients. Trans World Logitec is a resource intensive truckload, less than truckload, and intermodal provider that offers superlative supply chain service to clients throughout North America, Canada, and Mexico. We have structured its capacity management to build a strong and adequate relationship with client and intimately analyze the market.
We will put every effort in order to provide the best and reliable service for your freight movement and supply chain needs.

Truckload shipping is the movement of large amounts of homogeneous cargo, generally the amount necessary to fill an entire semi-trailer or intermodal container. Nearly 70% of all the freight tonnage moved in the U.S. goes on trucks. Without the industry and the truck drivers, the economy would come to a standstill. The trucking industry provides an essential service to the American economy by transporting large quantities of raw materials, works in process, and finished goods over land. Trucks in America are responsible for the majority of freight movement over land, and are vital tools in the manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing industries.

Advantage of Truckload shipping.
• Freight is never handled en route which means your product is always secure and sealed all the way through the final destination.

Less than Truckload shipping (LTL) is the transportation of relatively small freight. This means a shipment that does not require a full 48- or 53- foot trailer. We have many carriers that specialize or offer this service in our network. Rest assure of your freights in the hands of our LTL team for they will move your freight in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

• Traditional LTL
• Guaranteed Delivery and Expedited LTL

When a freight or shipment needs to be moved at a specific temperature, you cannot limit the options. Temperature controlled shipping solution is a necessity. Whether you are looking to move frozen food, perishable products, or anything that requires to be at a constant temperature, Trans World Logitec’s refrigerated team will be able to assist you from origin to destination.
Our open deck transportation team arrange shipments that do not fit in a traditional enclosed trailer. There are considerable amount of factors to this. The size, the material that is being shipped, and the weight. Our team will provide you the exact equipment that is required and help you save money by inquiring the proper questions.

• Flatbed
• Step Deck and RGN “Removable Goose Neck”

Due to the limited capacity issues over the trucking industry in America for the past few years, intermodal has become a cost-efficient method of transportation. TransWorld Logitec has various network of carriers to satisfy your needs. Our company works with an array of intermodal rail service providers to fulfill the necessities of a freight.
Trans World Logitec offers cross border service to Canada and Mexico both over the road and intermodal. Our network of carriers and customs broker services ensures seamless service for your preference.

• Canada
Our company offers the ultimate in streamlined, customs-bonded freight service between the United States and Canada through our partner carriers.

• Mexico

Our company also offers service to Mexico through several major carriers with major cross-border terminals across the US-Mexico border. Many shippers also are concerned about their products open for cross docking process, but the networks that we have do not offer cross docking process. We handle all Mexico shipments door 2 door from the pickup point to the final destination in Mexico.